Are you searching for a state certified investigations service that is
completely staffed with highly trained professionals?

Well, look no more! The citizens of this area know that they can depend on Professional Investigations 828-299-7550. This company has extensive training and experience in the investigative field and will stand by the client every step of the way. Professional Investigations offers confidential and professional consultation for both civil and criminal cases from child abuse to homicides, process serving and domestic issues. We handle it all. If you would like a confidential consultation pertaining to child custody, missing persons, surveillance, or infidelity, you can do no better than to call Professional Investigations. The type of services and evidence gathering are all performed to make the investigation thorough and complete. Your safety and privacy are Professional Investigations’ main priority. Our rates are affordable and we provide 24-hour a day service. All investigation services are not the same or even local, so do not be fooled. If you are having a problem, seek out the finest in the field. Contact Professional Investigations today.

Our Purpose at Professional Investigations…
is to provide our clients with accurate answers to their questions in a professional,
confidential and cost-effective manner.

Our Policy at Professional Investigations…
is to secure our future through the development of long-term professional relationships based on a philosophy of earned trust and mutual respect.

Our Promise at Professional Investigations…
is to sustain a consistently high level of knowledge, skill and attitude in the fulfillment of every assignment. The client has full say on how long a case proceeds.

The Professional Investigations Advantage:

  • Reliable 24-Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, Including Holidays
  • Easy-to-Read, Clear Reports (Chronological)
  • Fast Turnaround On Progress Reports
  • Cost-Effective Results
  • Reliable and Qualified Choice of Investigators
  • Regional Coverage
  • Specialized Service Background
  • Stable Video
  • Case Updates Made After Each Pivotal Discovery
  • Client Decides How Long Their Case Proceeds