Discreet Background Checks in Asheville, Weaverville and Hendersonville NC

Accurate reporting to ensure your safety

With every decision comes a certain degree of risk. You may be getting married, hiring a new employee or analyzing your competition. Let Professional Investigations mitigate that risk by conducting a thorough background check. We offer a variety of background services including:

• Full nationwide background checks
• Pre-marital background checks
• Fast reports
• Fact verification
• Unknown person reports

You may think the information you need is unattainable, but when you contract Professional Investigations for your Asheville, Weaverville and Hendersonville North Carolina background investigation, you’ll discover that our team is preferred for a reason.

Wanting answers isn’t a crime

Wanting answers isn’t a crime

Professional Investigations ensures you have access to relevant information when you need it most. A background check isn’t just a formality. A background check can create a safer community here in Asheville, Weaverville and Hendersonville NC and the surrounding areas. You’re entitled to make educated decisions about who you hire, where you live and whether or not you need additional security.

Each case is different, so contact Professional Investigations for your personal consultation today.